We Won Knucklehead!

President Obama won an election by most of the people in America two times. And two times the following has occurred: 1, Instead of the Republicans saying okay you won lets see how we can help or get something done, they are making threats. They say their constituents didn’t vote them in to make compromises. Clearly they do not understand democracy and shouldn’t be quoting the constitution to anyone. 2, People are packing guns, slinging guns, putting up signs about guns, making threats with guns, buying more guns. They are threatening insurrection and cessation. They are giving aid and comfort to the skin heads and Nazis whose membership is growing. GROW UP KIDS. Here’s what they don’t get: Their ugly manners may or may not end in violence but it certainly will not lead to peace. And it may cause the crazies out there to start shooting. Again, I say that the right, because of this language and action, will be responsible if anyone is hurt. The truth is not always politically correct.

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