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As an introduction, my writing may include thoughts about religion. I should also mention that I beleive in our democracy. I believe in the rights of people. I believe in being a good neighbor and helping your neighbor. And I believe that a neighbor is not simply someone who lives next door, but someone who lives across the ocean, someone with a different skin color, a different language and a different religion. I mean no disrespect to any religion but when someone uses theirs as a tool in congress or in a football stadium or in a classroom, then they are disrespecting mine. I’m not an expert in religion but I do have common sense and a concern for our country and civil discussion as well as separation of church and state. I believe our recent political struggles have been due to individuals and groups who want not to put religion into politics, but THEIR religion. Either is not good as our forefathers understood and the right-wing should know this because they deem themselves to be experts not only in theology but also in history and the constitution. They keep putting religion into the forefront so it’s really impossible any more not to mention it as part of the point or counterpoint. This blog serves to channel my anger at the dissolution of civil discourse and the new racism and threats that have become prevalent in our country since the election of a black president. … [Spell checking is appreciated.]

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