When our president faces, with great dignity and restraint I might add, such vitriol and fantasy accusations as I have never seen in my lifetime there is only one possibility. That is that the losers are, at least many of them, suffering from racism. Birth certificate? Transcripts? Hidden Muslim (after first objecting to his Christian minister). Place of birth? Listen all you with a low threshold for intelligence, history and understanding. There’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim. The terrorists were Muslims, or so they call themselves. But what they were and are, more importantly, are fundamentalists and this may be the most dangerous element on the planet. It leaves no room for discussion. It sees everything as black and white and it claims that only it has reality and truth. If you are going to label all Muslims as terrorists and then in an accusatory manner as if it were a bad thing identify our president as a Muslim then you better rethink history. Who fought the Crusades? Who burned Jews in Spain after the Muslims befriended them? Where did the Nazis go to celebrate Christmas? Germany is filled with Catholic and Protestant churches. Does that make Christians Nazis or terrorists? Of course not. And within these questions is one terrible reality. Religion and Politics is NOT a good fit. When will you learn that? It’s not good in Afghanistan and it’s no better here. We just think we’re better no matter what we do. Not true.

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