Fox Noise

There are a lot of fans for Fox Noise. This fabricated news agency is really just Pravda for modern-day Republicans. MSNBC is the liberal version of commentary but there is a big difference. Fox relies on unvetted stories, unreliable sources, biased commentary, pushing hate, suspicion, lies, and whatever else creates energy for their audience. They have no really world-class journalists. They have no desire to help the poor, speak to those in need, work toward compromise, find scholars or citizen heroes. When they interview someone they don’t care for they are rude as Bill O’Reilly was to our president. They don’t know how to act in public. When they interview their friends, no matter how ignorant they are, such as Sarah Palin, it’s stupid questions and big smiles. When MSNBC presents their biased stories, they are based on fact, backed by documents and videos and they have many world renown journalists on staff. They know who the intellectuals are and they don’t mock intelligence. When Fox News lies, you will see documentation and video evidence to back up MSNBC statements.  For examples of the differences: Fox “News” posts Republican or conservative events on their website completely destroying any semblance of “you decide” journalistic honesty. They recently were the only news agency in the world that called the many political poles twisted and made up. The only one. They didn’t even believe their own. On one occasion their anchor trounced into the data room where their pollsters were asked to defend their results. One of their favorites, the vulgar Carl Rove, swore even after the bell that Romney had won. News or noise? When Obama was first running or was first elected, Fox News made a big deal of the “fist bump,” a many-year old tradition among many people. Why? Because the evil-eyed blond on Fox and Friends said “Isn’t this a terrorist greeting? You’re kidding right? No, this is the truth for people who don’t want to know. You decide. When Ben Stein, an actor and economics expert and analyst for Fox News talked to Fox and Friends about the fiscal cliff he stated that taxes HAVE to go up on the rich. But he preceded this with an apology to his long time friends at Fox for having to say this. Are you smart enough to read between the lines? He apologized because his acknowledgement is not generally an acceptable one at Fox and what he was about to say would embarrass them. After all it’s a fact. But people on the right defend this rather than coming up with the obvious: if you can’t see the truth how can you be trusted? The worst part of this? When people use Fox as their main source of news, not only do they get damaged information, they miss much of what is actually happening or being said. And worse, yet, they become angered, they yell, and then they cling to their guns and their religion. Oops, do I have permission to say that? When Fox Noise becomes a real haven for journalism I will be the among the first to destroy this blog and become a fan. But that will be a cold day on this globally warmed planet. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Remember when that great thinker, Shawn Hannity, stated that the winter storm was proof that global warming was just a socialist plot? No, I’m not kidding. As an aside, the spellchecker asked me if I wanted to ignore “Hannity”. I said yes.

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