We’re ALL Supporters

I won’t wear a bracelet. I won’t put a ribbon on my car. That doesn’t make me an enemy of the state. And you may be the uniter, or think you are, but you’re not the decider. And don’t send me those ugly emails with battleships and planes and flags that portend patriotism at work but are actually and subtly attempting to rally against Muslims, or Mexicans, or Gays, or Liberals, or anyone else you think doesn’t deserve to live here. I’m not impressed. Don’t tell me to stand behind the troops or in front of them.  These emails and posts are ugly. They are not patriotic. They are not scriptural. They are not excerpts from the gospels. They cannot be found in the Talmud. This is an affront to all religions and to me. They are divisive. You know, that word the Republicans keep using against Obama. If you are a mother or a brother or a child of a military person, then you are certainly someone special. We have a reason to hold you in high esteem. But you ought not be using this as an excuse to go to the dark side. You can be a relative and still be a listener. You can be a relative and still be a thinker. You can be a relative and still be against a war. You can be a relative and not lose your religion or alter it for your own means. Listen to my words: WE ALL SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. Just not the way you may think it’s supposed to be.

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